Volcano View

Volcano View

Just a short distance from Fira, the capital of Santorini, Volcano View Hotel is perched on the crest of the steep Caldera cliffs. Located at the edge of the imposing Caldera, 400m high, the Volcano View Hotel & Villas overlooks the blue waters of the Aegean and offers its guests one of the best views to the caldera and the breathtaking sunsets that have made Santorini known all over the world.
The Volcano View Hotel & Villas in Santorini features 95 exceptional rooms and 5 luxury VIP villas with private pools providing its guests with top quality services and facilities.


Hotel's Breakfast

Breakfast is served in the hotel restaurant with the view to the volcano. There is a buffet with all the necessary dishes for a contemporary breakfast, as befits a 4 star hotel, and at the same time there is the innovative idea we have adopted since 2012 of the traditional breakfast.
There are hand made croissants, cakes and a variety of sweets at the buffet, prepared the night before. Every day there are at least two traditional Santorini sweets made at the hotel. There are also biscuits, cookies and rusks, all hand made at the hotel.
One of the main savory dishes of breakfast is "koskosela" (local name for "strapatsada"), which is based on an authentic traditional Santorini recipe, as well as the stuffed Santorini cherry tomatoes with egg, feta and oregano. Every other day there is alternately spoon sweets, Santorini cherry tomato sweet, "katsouni" or grape sweet.
Finally, hotel guests can enjoy every day two of the following which alternate in two: "pasta flora" tart with hand made biscuits, "galaktoboureko", "saragli", baklava, "samali" or tahini pie, "trahanas", groats, couscous, semolina halva and "ryzogalo" (rice pudding). There are also fried eggs and eggs fried in red sauce, Santorini "sfouggato" with potatoes, eggs, zucchinis, and Santorini caper (traditional omelet) as well as syrupy cherry tomatoes (traditional spoon sweet). More than 80% of the breakfast dishes are hand made with local ingredients and 50% of breakfast is based on traditional recipes. Apart from the standard breakfast dishes (corn flakes, cured meats etc) the rest is Greek, local, traditional and hand made. The hotel also experiments with new tastes and combinations based on local products such as cherry tomatoes, caper, fava beans and Vinsanto. It should also be mentioned that part of these ingredients is made in the hotel (caper, olives and cherry tomatoes).
The Volcano View Hotel, as a member of the Board of the Association of Santorini Hoteliers, actively participates in the promotion of the Santorini Gastronomy, particularly within the frame of the 2013 Year of Gastronomy.


Omelette with zucchinis

Omelette with tomatoes

Rice pudding

Breakfast area

Traditional dish

Spoon sweet tomato

Sweet pie with jam and cookies

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