Paros Agnanti

Paros Agnanti

Paros Agnanti is the hotel where the word "Agnanti" (gaze at) finds its true meaning as it overlooks the bay of Parikia offering its guests panoramic vistas to the sea and the picturesque Chora of the island of the same name.
In a verdant area of 35 acres, just 80m from the famous "Krios" and "Martselo" beaches and 2.5km from Parikia (Krotiri location), 4 buildings built in the typical Cycladic architecture on 4 hills, in perfect harmony with the natural surroundings, make up the imposing and elegant hotel complex of Paros Agnanti. It is the ideal destination for families, for those who wish to combine discreet seclusion with the cosmopolitan life on their holidays, for those choosing Paros for their honeymoon and also for those seeking a suitable venue for their business meetings and special occasions such as wedding or christening receptions.
The long presence and experience of Paros Agnanti Hotel in the field of hospitality and tourism in general, combined with the top quality services provided and the highly qualified staff guarantee to fulfill the expectations and meet the demands of its international clientele. The quintessence of the Paros Agnanti Hotel philosophy is based on hospitality and service, in their optimum and most unpretentious expression, and on the harmonious relation between quality and rate. As a result, top tourist organizations have ranked it among the top hotels concerning hospitality quality, fully justifying its 4 stars. However, the most important reward is the hotel guests. Those who show their satisfaction by selecting to stay at the Paros Agnanti Hotel when they visit Paros again, those who express their enthusiasm with a wide smile and a "thank you" or those who share the experience of their enjoyable stay by writing on the guest book of the hotel and on the internet.


Hotel's Breakfast

The breakfast buffet of the Agnanti Paros Hotel offers a variety of dishes while the "Parian corner" features some of the most famous products of the island of Paros. In particular, guests can find in the breakfast buffet fresh rye bread, multi grain and white, rye baguette, multi grain and white, white toast bread, white and rye toasts, buns with ouzo, honey, cinnamon and sugar cookies, bread sticks and rusks. There are also chocolate or butter croissants, mini apple pies, carrot cake and "tsoureki" (traditional sweet bread). Rice cereals covered in chocolate or corn, muesli, Greek dried nuts (dried bananas, figs, walnuts or almonds). As for fruit and vegetables there is orange and grapefruit juice, green and red apples, pears, kiwis, bananas, peaches, nectarines, water melons, figs, tomatoes, beans, mushrooms and corn.
There is "feta" cheese and a variety of Greek yellow cheeses, fresh Greek milk, Greek yoghurt, "myzithra" cheese and gruyere from Paros. Greek cured meats such as salami, ham, turkey, bacon, village style sausages and cocktail style sausages are also served. Guests can also find Kalamata olives and capers, Greek honey, sour cherry, strawberry and orange marmalade, peach compote, fruit salad and hazelnut spread. One should also try the boiled or fried eggs, the omelets, the spinach pie as well as the traditional cheese pie made with "anthotyro" and "myzithra" cheeses from Paros.
As for drinks there is Greek coffee, filter coffee and hot or cold tea in a variety of flavors. Finally, guests can taste semolina halva, traditional "loukoumades" (honey puffs), "ryzogalo" (rice pudding), "pasta flora" tart, espresso cream, rose spoon sweet and traditional sweets of Paros such as "zacharobaclava", pasteli (sesame and honey paste), "chalvadopites", "karydato" and "amygdalota" (sugar coated almond paste).


Other Activities Related to Gastronomy

Paros Agnanti Hotel has a restaurant specializing in Greek cuisine and a cellar with Greek wine labels. Every day, in honour of Greek cuisine, there is a Greek "dish of the day" while the rest carefully selected lunch or dinner menu is based on the Greek and Mediterranean gastronomy and which, in combination with the fresh products, many of which are grown in the hotel gardens, constitutes a typical example of a healthy and delicious cuisine. Every dish is characterized by the personal care of the hotel chef and by a refined presentation. The children's menu is prepared with the same passion and fresh products.
For those who love wine, the cellar of the hotel includes labels from Paros and the rest of Greece.

Variety of fresh fruits


Sweet pies from Paros with chocolate-hazelnut and almond cream, nougat, almond and pistachio from Egina

Several delights

Traditional spoon sweet from rose, dried figs and bananas

Traditional cheese from Paros

Traditional sweet delight from Paros with honey and cinammon

Traditional cheese from Paros

Traditional sweet cheese pie from Paros

Several delights

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Additional Info

  • Map for Hotels: 37.102836,25.144218
  • Stars: * * * * *
  • Address: Paralia Krios, Paroikia - Paros
  • Phone: +30 22840 23205
  • E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.