Markezinis Suites

Markezinis Suites

Markezinis Suites hotel is an old Manor that includes five luxury suites. One of the best boutique-hotels of Santorini, it is situated in the traditional village of Messaria, in the center of the island, making in this way access to the beaches, the caldera, the archaeological sites and all the other sights very easy. After an almost total renovation, this historic building is ready to provide luxurious hospitality accompanied by reasonable prices, ideal for those seeking private, romantic and refined holidays. The nostalgic, neoclassical style of the manor and its chic atmosphere bring back 19th century glamour and along with the hotel service, flawless and focused on personal touch, set the scene for the sophisticated stay that the guests enjoy.
The manor has for many generations belonged to the aristocratic family of Markezini of Santorini, whose roots can be traced back to the Venetian period (in fact the name "marchesini" in Italian means "little marquis"). The most famous descendant of the family was Spyros Markezinis, who inherited the manor and who was an illustrious politician, historian and lawyer who became Prime Minister of Greece in the 1970s. Thanks to his ingenious and radical reforms as Minister of Finance in the 50s not only did he save the country from financial collapse but he also led it to remarkable growth rates. It was in this manor, the current Markezini Suites, where he grew up, the son of another important Greek politician, Vassilis Markezinis. Later as Minister of Finance or Prime Minister he used to fly to the island to relax and get away from his many duties in the capital. Today the family house has been renovated in an exemplary way showing respect both to its historical importance and its original interior decoration. The suites are characterized by the elegant interior style of wealthy houses of 19th century Santorini and the manor, in the traditional architectural style of the island, is equipped with all modern comforts, an exceptional restaurant and an updated wine bar.


Hotel's Breakfast

The breakfast offered in Markezini Suites is a la carte and it is served in the hotel balcony or in the rooms with views to the traditional village of Messaria. The products used in breakfast are mostly local. When this is not possible, products from other parts of Greece are served. As a boutique hotel, Markezini Suites gives its owners the chance to get to know each guest personally and his dietary habits and therefore adapt the dishes accordingly and inform guests regarding the origin of the products and the way they are made.
In particular, the breakfast menu includes mountain tea, chamomile, Greek yoghurt with fruit or dried nuts, handmade traditional pies, a variety of Greek cured meats and cheeses, Santorini fava beans, "kagiana" omelet with sausages from Santorini, "sfouggato" with fresh potatoes, "dakos" rusks with manouri cheese and capers, "loukoumades" (honey puffs) with honey and cinnamon, semolina halva as well as a wide selection of traditional spoon sweets and biscuits.

Traditional cretan dish with tomatoes, olives and cheese

Donuts with honey and sesame

Greek yogurt with honey and fruits

Fresh fruits, spoon sweets and greek coffee

Traditional dish from Santorini with sausage and vinsanto

Boiled egg stuffed with salad

Greek cheese and cold cuts

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  • Address: Messaria Santorini
  • Phone: +30 22860 30224
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